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United States Department of Education in an evidence based meta-analysis of various studies conducted over a period of 12 years concluded that students who acquired higher education through online mode performed much better than those in regular class room courses. ( opepd/ppss/reports.html)

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Corporate Training's for Clinical Trials, Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Industry

We aim to help clients achieve their targets in business with increased performance of the employees who work for them. Since the present industry environment is both dynamic and competitive, the traditional approaches to training are no longer applicable if we wish to create true economic value for client organizations. Today companies certainly need highly motivated, knowledgeable and skilled workforce. The workforce needs to be provided training in a way that is easy for them, and accessible on-the-go, any time and every time.

The James Lind Institute Singapore can prove to be of immense help with actualizing the expertise required in various fields, using our high quality affordable programs in fields like project management, clinical research, healthcare and others. All corporate training programs at JLI are targeted at providing knowledge to new employees, improving the knowledge of existing ones, or helping them change their profile by teaching them new skill sets. All online corporate training programs offered by us can be completely customized in order to be in line with the client’s needs. All corporate training modules are developed by professionals, who are well-familiarized with the standards within the industry.

The corporate training programs can be conducted in two forms:

– Online training modules via our virtual campus (preferred by most clients), or
– 1 to 3 day long on-location workshops, carried out by experienced members of the industry.

Following are some of the highlights of our corporate training programs:
  • Online programs via state-of-the-art virtual campus
  • Customized programs
  • 24 hour access to study modules
  • Highly-interactive training with shifts between basic and advanced courses
  • Flexible self-paced training for employees with detailed progress reports
  • Professional faculty and speakers

  • If you have any corporate training requirements you can get started right away by getting in touch with us on

    Some of our clients:
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