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James Lind Institutes online training programs in clinical research and healthcare offer multiple benefits to participants. The programs are self-paced and implement a highly interactive learning methodology that has been appreciated over the years both by the students and the industry at large.

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Career Opportunities in Biostatistics

Clinical Bio-statistician in Singapore | Statistician in Singapore | Bio-statistician Job Profile

Some common positions to be found in the field of data management and biostatistics are:


A career in biostatistics can be very exciting, yet very challenging. Biostatisticians are people who have degrees in statistics and use this expertise in health related fields. Biostatisticians are commonly employed in the clinical trial industry as they help to analyze and draw meaningful conclusions from clinical trial data. They work closely with other clinical trial staff to analyze data-sets in order to find answers to specific scientific questions. They provide support in the planning stages, on data collection, on selecting and putting in place appropriate methodologies and in interpreting results. Biostatisticians also help to find out sample sizes for new clinical trials and write the statistical analysis sections of study protocols. They provide statistical consultation to support research and development.
Some common responsibilities of a biostatistician working in clinical trials are:

  • Developing statistical analysis plans and writing statistical sections for clinical study protocols.
  • Analyzing clinical study data and providing data analysis reports to medical / scientific writers
  • help with data acquisition
  • Provide broad statistical support throughout the study duration
  • Occasionally write SAS program codes

  • Competencies & Skills:

    Various competencies and skills are required to become a Biostatistician. Some of them are:

    - Good understanding of clinical trials with knowledge of ICH-GCP guidelines
    - Knowledge of country specific clinical trial guidelines and regulations
    - Good written and oral communication skills
    - Ability to work independently and in a team
    - Good computer skills
    - Problem solving skills
    - Time management skills


    - Bachelors or Masters degree in Statistics
    - Knowledge of SAS Programming
    - Knowledge of theoretical statistics and statistics application

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