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Clinical Research Career Opportunities

Careers in Clinical Research in Singapore | Careers in Clinical Trials

   Careers in Clinical Research in Singapore | Careers in Clinical Trials, Drug Development

Cutting-edge progress in science and technology has resulted in the discovery and development of new drugs, medical devices and procedures, thus giving rise to many new career opportunities in the domain of clinical research, a field of science that helps us assess the safety and efficacy of these potential new treatments. The unprecedented growth of the pharma/biotech and the drug development sector has created new exciting avenues of employment for drug development/clinical trial professionals. Professionals working in this sector are well-equipped with the know how of bringing potential new therapies from conception to a store near you. There are many employment opportunities within the pharmaceutical and the contract research industry today and they are well positioned to grow even further in the coming years. The current worth of the global clinical trial industry has been estimated to be more than US $52 billion and it is on track to becoming one of the largest industries in the year 2015. The opportunity to contribute to the development of new therapies and a lucrative and impressive career progression makes it work to consider a career in clinical trials:

Drug development is a complex process and a number of cross functional teams collaborate together to bring a new potential treatment to market. Following are some of the specializations / departments within clinical research that you may consider for employment :

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