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Career Opportunities in Clinical Operations (CRA, CRC, etc)

Clinical Research Coordinator Jobs in Singapore | Career as a CRC | Career as a Clinical Research Coordinator

   Clinical Research Coordinator Jobs in Singapore | Career as a CRC | Career as a Clinical Research Coordinator

Clinical research is a rapidly growing sector and it has led to the creation of multiple job opportunities especially in countries contributing actively to this sector such as India, China, Singapore, Taiwan etc. Clinical Operations (CO) is the department that actually works on the ground to select qualified investigators, hospitals etc. for participation in the study, trains them, monitors them and helps in data collection. The department comprises of professionals such as Clinical Research Associates (CRAs), Senior CRAs, Team Lead, Clinical Trial Manager (CTM), Head of the Department (HOD), Director etc. They make sure that highest standards of ethics, quality and confidentiality are maintained in all studies. Clinical Operations professionals usually have vast experience and expertise in project management across multiple therapeutic areas such as Oncology, Metabolism, Nephrology etc. They also have experience in managing multi-country clinical trials. They use many technologies for smooth collection and dissemination of study data.

Although Clinical Study Coordinators (CRCs) are not technically a part of Clinical Operations departments because they work at the clinical research site level however they closely work with Clinical Operations professionals, mainly the CRAs and thus for the sake of explaining their responsibilities we will consider them under the Clinical Operations section:

Few common job profiles that are available in the department of Clinical Operations are:

Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) | Clinical Trial Coordinator | Study Coordinator (SC)

Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) also known as Study Coordinator or Clinical trial Coordinator is a crucial member at a clinical trial site. They are trained professionals who work closely with the Principal Investigator (PI) and other site staff to ensure that the clinical trial is conducted appropriately and that the safety of study subjects is not compromised. A CRC facilitates and coordinates the activities to be conducted in a clinical trial on a daily basis. They act as a link between various stakeholders of clinical research such as the Principal Investigator (PI), sponsor, review boards, clinical trial site management and sometimes even the laboratory being used for testing of blood samples. Being employed at the study site, they interact one-to-one with the study subjects, provide them study related information, dispense medications, record data in various data collection tools, manage all documentation etc. An experienced CRC at a site may be responsible for managing and overseeing multiple clinical trials that are being conducted at their clinical trial site.

Competencies & Skills:

Working as a Clinical Research Coordinator can be very challenging. Some competencies and skills that are expected of a CRC are:

- Good understanding of clinical trials with knowledge of ICH-GCP guidelines
- Knowledge of country specific clinical trial guidelines and regulations
- Good written and oral communication skills
- Ability to multi-task and to work under tight timelines
- Self-motivation
- Effective problem solving and analytic skills
- Good time management skills
- Eye for detail


- Graduate in any life science related field or pharmacy
- Training / Certification in Clinical Trials is highly recommended

Recommended Training Program

To work as a Clinical Research Coordinator we suggest you consider the following online program(s):

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