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James Lind Institutes online training programs in clinical research and healthcare offer multiple benefits to participants. The programs are self-paced and implement a highly interactive learning methodology that has been appreciated over the years both by the students and the industry at large.

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Career as a Clinical Research Associate (CRA)

Clinical Research Associate Jobs in Singapore | Career as a CRA | Career Opportunities as a Clinical Research Associate

Few common job profiles that are available in the department of Clinical Operations are:

Clinical Research Associate (CRA)

The job profile of a Clinical Research Associate (CRA) has been clearly described within the Good Clinical Practice guidelines. A Clinical Research Associate (CRA) is mainly responsible for travelling to, and monitoring clinical trial sites in order to ensure that the site staff is complying to the applicable guidelines, regulations, study protocol etc. They also ensure that the rights and safety of the study subjects are not being compromised in any way. A CRA may work for pharmaceutical companies or for Contract Research Organizations (CROs). CROs are companies that provide specialized clinical trial services to whom pharmaceutical companies (sponsors) may outsource their clinical drug development activities. Some CRA's also work as freelance monitors and provide monitoring services to companies who do not have or want to keep full time staff in that geographical region. A Clinical Research Associate acts as a guide, coach and mentor to the site staff and acts as the main point of contact for the site staff with the study sponsor. Based on the number of years of experience, CRAs are usually employed as CRA Level I, II, and III. Some important responsibilities of CRA's are:

  • Visit clinical research sites at frequent intervals to ensure that all applicable regulations and guidelines are being followed
  • Write visit reports and submit them to the sponsor
  • Review the qualification, training and experience of site staff and provide any required training
  • Verify that the data collected matches the source files
  • Manage/assist with all financial aspects and follow through any budget negotiations
  • Inspect and ensure that the site has all the infrastructure / equipment required throughout the study
  • Act as a guide to the site staff and help them with any day-to-day issues
  • Make sure that study documents are properly archived upon study completion

  • Competencies & Skills:

    Working as a Clinical Research Associate can be very challenging. Some competencies and skills that are expected of a CRA are:

    - Good understanding of clinical trials with knowledge of ICH-GCP guidelines
    - Knowledge of country specific clinical trial guidelines and regulations
    - Good written and oral communication skills
    - Ability to work independently
    - Ability to multi-task and to work under pressure
    - Self-motivation
    - Decision making ability
    - Effective problem solving and analytic skills
    - Good time management skills
    - Eye for detail
    - Interest in traveling


    - Graduate in any life science related field or pharmacy
    - Training / Certification in Clinical Trials is highly recommended

    Recommended Training Program

    To work as a Clinical Research Associate we suggest you consider the following online program(s):

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