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Career Options in Healthcare Management & Hospital Administration

Healthcare Management Career in Singapore | Hospital Administration Career in Singapore | Hospital Management

The healthcare sector is time tested, booming, free from economic slowdown and has created more jobs and career opportunities than any other sector. Many career pathways exist in healthcare management & hospital administration. A swift transformation has taken place in this sector with regards to the efficiency of delivery of care, availability of trained and qualified healthcare providers and monetary assistance provided by various financial institutions. Healthcare management workforce demands people who are diligent, trained & accomplished to take charge of this industry. Healthcare executives have an opportunity to make a significant contribution to improving the health of the communities their organizations serve. People trained in healthcare & hospital management can explore career opportunities with clinics, consulting firms, health insurance organizations, healthcare associations, hospitals, nursing homes, physician practices, mental health organizations, public health departments, rehabilitation centres, skilled nursing facilities, universities and research institutions etc.

The following are some of the common positions available in the healthcare sector:

Health Service Administrator / Healthcare Manager

Health service administrators / Healthcare managers are primarily employed with hospitals, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, care management groups, healthcare IT companies, supply chain companies, government organizations, investment banks, healthcare insurers, and health care management consulting firms. The health service administrator carefully operates alongside medical employees and the overseeing authorities in developing and applying various healthcare plans and policies. The health service administrator is engaged in cost management and economic facets of the organization. The primary obligations of a health service administrator include the following:

  • Implementation the functional directions provided by the health board and providing regular updates
  • Retaining accurate statistical records, corporate records, etc
  • Responsible for preserving insurance schedule for the organizations assets
  • Establishing and keeping up-to-date the organizations asset register and asset management system
  • Making sure that all ambulatory vehicles have valid registration and all drivers hold current driving licences
  • Managing the organizations management information and health database systems
  • Ordering new stationary when required and managing requests for the same as per the company policy
  • Developing and managing the conception and setting up of various tracking and evaluation tools
  • Creating the annual report in collaboration with the health board
  • Disseminating the project specific information/material among the teams as requested
  • Act as the organization's agent to external parties such as civic organizations, businesses, and other health groups
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Health Promotion and Wellness Coordinator

The health promotion and wellness coordinator job profile is available generally in large corporate hospitals and other healthcare establishments. They directly function with the public relations manager in planning, executing, managing and advertising various health education and wellness programs. They also support in promotion of such training courses. The public relations manager, or the marketing supervisor may manage such tasks in case of smaller hospitals. The key duties of health promotion and wellness coordinator include:

  • Helps to improve the wellness of individuals within an area which is served by the hospital organization
  • Facilitates in training of the hospital workers who are engaged in community health education
  • Ascertains the needs of the community, develops and conducts free of charge training's and awareness programs as part of community health education
  • Participates in official meetings and conventions to handle the health education being imparted at the hospital
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Health Information Administrator

Health information administrators are staff members with competence both in the scientific discipline and administration, and guide in creating and executing the healthcare information collection plans and reporting systems. They perform a wide range of tasks in the modern day job market by working closely with functions such as that of the director, assistant director, manager, privacy officer, compliance officer, claims analyst, clinical information specialist, HIM educator, etc. The duties and job profile of a health information administrator may differ from one organization to another. The following are some of the common tasks performed by health information administrators:

  • Supervise the data collection and reporting processes
  • Guarantee the reliability and accessibility of the health information to all the approved personnel within the team
  • Retain the entire, precise, and legitimate source of patient data
  • Handle procedures and systems efficiently to ensure the patient privacy is maintained
  • Maintain the confidentiality and security of health information in paper or computerized systems
  • Help in planning and development of electronic patient health record tools
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Health Information Technician

While the health information administrator designs and develops the data collection tools, the health information technician carries out the data collection process in addition to the monitoring activities. Like health information administrators, they also have numerous functional assignments within the work group. Their functional roles may include but not limited to, reimbursement specialist, information access and disclosure specialist, coder, medical record technician, data quality coordinator, supervisor, etc. The following are some common tasks performed by a health information technician:

  • Retain and report the health information as per approved data quality principles, statutory guidelines, standards and good practice guidelines
  • Keep track of the electronic and paper based documentation and processing
  • Use the health information for billing and reporting purposes via multiple electronic tools
  • Irrespective of the format of the stored information, health information technicians gather, keep track of, use, assess, codify and report the health information
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Chief Medical Officer

The Chief Medical Officer is usually the member of the board responsible for the medical department. They report directly to the Deputy Chairman and Chairman. The chief medical officer will oversees the overall administration and discipline of the medical department in a healthcare organization. The following are some key roles of a chief medical officer:

  • Ensure that the organization and all departments are in compliance with applicable regulatory requirements
  • Make sure that the healthcare facilities are being delivered by the concerned staff on a timely basis
  • Prepare yearly financial estimates and spending plans for the organization
  • Supervise the purchase of medical and surgical supplies
  • Put together the proposals for plans of new hospital buildings and healthcare equipment and submit them to senior management or board
  • Prepare and submit applicable annual reports
  • Join in and/or conduct surprise inspections/audits of the healthcare facility
  • Carry out periodic progress and review meetings with applicable departments and with management
  • Coordinate and approve training programs for the workforce
  • Conduct interviews for filling up vacant positions
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