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James Lind Institutes online training programs in clinical research and healthcare offer multiple benefits to participants. The programs are self-paced and implement a highly interactive learning methodology that has been appreciated over the years both by the students and the industry at large.

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Medical Monitor Career | Medical Monitor Training

Career as a Medical Monitor in Singapore | Medical Monitor Jobs & Careers | Medical Monitor Online Training

Medical Monitor

A Medical Monitor is a certified medical doctor who has tremendous expertise and training in a specific medical specialty such as oncology, metabolics, neurology, opthalmology etc and relevant technological know-how. The most significant responsibility of the Medical Monitor is to ensure that clinical trial subjects are not faced with any undue harm and that their safety is not jeopardized at any time. Medical Monitors are thoroughly engaged in the design and execution of Phase I studies and also keep track of the advancement of all other clinical trial phases. They find employment with pharma companies, medical device companies or even with clinical research organizations.

Medical Monitors in addition to providing medical support to clinical trials also get involved in new business development and take part in interactions related to compilation of regulatory dossiers and product licensing.

Some common expectations from Medical Monitors are to:

  • Ensure oversight and coordination of all medical issues pertaining to ongoing clinical trials
  • Ensure clinical study protocols and reports are of high scientific quality
  • Work closely with various project management groups
  • Take care of safety related concerns in clinical trials
  • Be accountable for the medical revision of product dossiers
  • Provide ongoing medical input to various study teams
  • Review and approve important trial documents such as the study protocol
  • Identify key opinion leaders in each medical specialty and maintain good relationships with them

Competencies & Skills:

- Excellent oral and written communication skills
- Leadership skills
- Intellectual with strategic thinking
- Innovative and willing to learn


- Advanced Medical Degree with Registration Certificate
- Diploma in Pharmaceutical Medicine / Medico-Marketing / Clinical Research is recommended
- Experience in Medical Affairs

Recommended Training Program

To work as a Medical Monitor we suggest you consider the following online program(s):

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