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You never stop learning and JLI keeps you on top of the latest advances in your field through the “Students Success Team” even after you complete your course. The SST sends you regular information about the latest advances, policy changes and all the dynamics of the Industry as a part of our committed effort towards career development of students and alumni.

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Code of Conduct

Freedom of speech and expression is highly valued not only in an academic setting but also throughout society at large. To that effect, students at JLI are expected to adhere to the following code of conduct:

  • Access JLI courses only for lawful purposes.
  • Respect the privacy of all members but not limited to fellow students, mentors, tutors, faculty members. administrators and other staff.
  • Respect the integrity of JLI’s computer systems.
  • Respect the diversity of opinions among all members at JLI including but not limited to mentors, tutors and fellow students and respond to them in a courteous manner.
  • Maintain an environment that is free of harassment, stalking, threats, abuse, insults, or humiliation to the all members at JLI including but not limited to mentors, tutors and fellow students. This includes, but is not limited to demeaning written or oral comments of an ethnic, religious, sexist (or sexual orientation), or racist nature; and the unwanted sexual advances or intimidation's by email, or on OCTC and other postings wherever applicable. JLI has a ‘zero tolerance policy’ on such issues.
  • Abide by all rules and regulations published by the Institute and agree to be subject to disciplinary actions as described by JLI.

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