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James Lind Institutes online training programs in clinical research and healthcare offer multiple benefits to participants. The programs are self-paced and implement a highly interactive learning methodology that has been appreciated over the years both by the students and the industry at large.

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From the Director's Desk

Welcome to the James Lind Institute!

writing James Lind Institute has come into existence from within the clinical research industry with its most modern, thoroughly researched and relevant pedagogical approach towards clinical research & training, which is most necessary for the industry and the society at large.

James Lind Institute believes that the most important stakeholders in the clinical research enterprise are the patients who volunteer for the accomplishment of a larger societal benefit. This automatically calls for a disciplined and knowledgeable workforce in this sensitive and critical arena and also a demand for current clinical research practitioners to engage in academic endeavors.

Clinical researchers have recognized the widely prevalent skills-gap need due to a high demand of trained professionals compounded with a lack of educational endeavors from the practicing researchers.

We at JLI believe in the relevance of basic education imparted by traditional educational institutions. We are here to compensate for the lack of industry specific learning imparted therein. It has been acknowledged worldwide that even the curriculum taught to medical students is deficient in fundamental clinical research training.

At JLI clinical research is taught by professionals from the industry who have a lot to share in terms of expertise, knowledge and professional development.

There are a number of reports and business extrapolations that amply support the exponential growth of clinical research industry in Singapore and in India creating an increasing demand for trained clinical research professionals. Knowledge about pharmacovigilance standards, medical writing, regulatory affairs, and business development is highly sought by companies working in the field.

All this growth of the Singapore & Indian market is happening at a stage when the pharmaceutical -biotech R&D is itself making a gradual shift towards evolving models which seek a personalized approach to therapeutics. Translational medicine tools which span across a wide spectrum from bench-to-bed side and vice-versa are being explored to fulfill the needs of clearing the bottle-necks of scientific discovery. This further necessitates the need for training of aspiring professionals by industry specific efforts and by measures which can easily assimilate with basic conventional learning. This has been envisioned with worldwide acceptance for blending Learning.

Programs at JLI are thoroughly reviewed by industry professionals to suit the needs of students and working professionals who want to join this growing industry. Particular stress is given to professional development and inculcating a habit of continuing education. It gives students a mix of attitude that comprises of a thought process for searching what is obscure in science, and a discipline to follow the corporate culture.

Welcome to this exciting field whose challenges and rewards have always been a part of human existence!


Dr. Abdul Wahid

Message from the James Lind Initiative, Oxford, UK

Fraternal greetings to the James Lind Institute from the James Lind Initiative

Greetings from the James Lind Initiative to the James Lind Institute! Although the JL Initiative is a much more modest enterprise than the JL Institute, both our organisations are committed to promoting better research for better health care – as James Lind tried to do two and a half centuries ago. We are very pleased that we are both signatories of, and share a wish to see an end to biased under-reporting of clinical research, and the harm this causes in patients.

Sir Iain Chalmers, James Lind Initiative, Oxford, UK

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