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Online ICH-GCP Training & Certification Program

GCP Training in Singapore | Online Good Clinical Practice Training | Online GCP Training

GCP Training in Singapore | Online Good Clinical Practice Training | Online GCP Training

The International Conference on Harmonisation - Good Clinical Practice (ICH-GCP) guidelines provide us a set of standards for planning, initiating, monitoring, recording, auditing, analyzing and reporting clinical research studies. The history of the ICH-GCP guideline can be tracked back to the Hippocratic Oath itself, taken by doctors, which mandates that no harm be done to patients. With the advancement in medicine and technology, research and development have become more complex and have resulted in a need for more robust ethical guidelines for human research.

ICH-GCP guidelines were developed as ‘guidance’ for conducting clinical trials across the US, European Union & Japan and came into effect in the year 1997. The guideline was developed via a tripartite agreement between the regulatory bodies of the United States of America, European Union and Japan.

The guideline has offered the industry two of the most important standards. The first is the standard for safeguarding the rights, safety and welfare of trial participants; and the second is the standard to ensure that the data generated by clinical trials is authentic and accurate.

Every individual working in the clinical trial industry in any capacity must undertake training in Good Clinical Practice (GCP). Many countries such as Singapore and India have developed their own Good Clinical Practice guidelines however they are mostly adapted using the main ICH-GCP guideline itself and only subtle differences exist. The importance of following the ICH-GCP guideline is being increasingly recognized in developing countries like India, China and Brazil. ICH-GCP training is most applicable to the following people:

  • Investigators from research centers, hospitals, drug companies etc.
  • Clinical research staff involved in administration, approval and monitoring clinical studies, such as study coordinators, research associates, trial managers etc.
  • Ethics committee members.
  • People employed with drug regulatory agencies

JLI Singapore offers a comprehensive online GCP Training & Certification program for people who would like to get GCP Certified. This online learning program provides students an in-depth knowledge not just of the ICH-GCP E6 guideline but also of the various processes and requirements established by the FDA and ICH for Sponsors, Monitors, and Investigators for effective conduct of clinical trials in line with ethical principles.

program curriculum

Training duration

Self Paced No minimum duration (Maximum duration 3 months)

In case of failure to complete the GCP Certification Exam within 3 months of admission, or in case of failing the Certification Exam a reactivation of the students training account (for 3 more months) is required. Reactivation fee is 50% of the initial fee paid.

Certification Exam

Upon completion of the training an online certification examination of 1 hour duration is conducted. The examination comprises of multiple choice and short answer type questions. To get GCP Certified the student must score more than 60%.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Any individual (graduate or postgraduate) who is already working or intends to work in the clinical research industry is eligible for the online GCP Training & Certification program.

Fee Structure

JLI has been globally acknowledged for its determination to provide economical yet high quality training programs to aspirants. You may use our Online Program Fee Calculator below to determine the fee applicable to you for this certification program.

Should your country not be available in the calculator or should you not be able to figure out the fee that applies to you for this online training program please send an email enquiry to or contact the online chat support available on this website.

To know more regarding the application procedure please click here.

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