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You never cease to learn with JLI. Even as an alumni we keep you well informed of the latest breakthroughs in your field via the “Students Success Team”. The SST sends out email communications on a periodic basis about the latest advances, policy changes and all the dynamics of the industry to help you stay informed.

How JLI Online Training Works:

At JLI, we believe in creating ideal settings that are most favorable for gaining knowledge and information exchange. This has resulted in us developing a state-of-the art virtual campus that allows for classroom like activities such as going through lectures, participating in discussions, working on assignments with the guidance of the faculty among many others. The traditional campus and classroom combination is by far not the most effective or feasible for all students and courses. High-quality online courses in varied areas such as clinical research or healthcare if conducted in an efficient learning platform such as ours are an astounding alternative to the traditional classroom programs.

The following illustration summarizes how you will study should you enroll in any of our programs:

JLI Training Methodology

Classroom Activities

Throughout the program the faculty members, who are senior members from the industry, maintain a personalized approach to training, and this approach has led to the endorsement, appreciation and high acceptance of our training programs within the industry. Our pursuit to offer the best of technology has resulted in us creating an Online Campus Tutoring Centre. Using this platform, students are able to share everything they need with peers and faculty members. From the very first day at the JLI, all students get involved in activities with focus on career development, and receive personal support from our mentors, tutors and the Student Success Team.

The required study materials and assignments as per the program curriculum are posted online which are accessible at all times. Students mostly spend their time listening to lectures, reading various study materials, participation in optional journal clubs and working on various assignments and tests.

Course Requirements

During the program students are expected to login to their study accounts (virtual campus) every week and spend a total of about 10-15 hours each week in order to be able to complete the program within its expected duration. Students are also expected to respect all assignment deadlines, participate in the discussions held in the OCTC and take all tests applicable to them in a regular manner. The tests are conducted online mainly in a multiple choice question format.

Mock Exercises / Role-Plays

Of course, theoretical knowledge is not always sufficient. At JLI we know this perfectly and this is why we offer practical training / mock exercises / role-plays for all topics where ever applicable. Students are provided with various situations faced by professionals in the industry and are tested and trained on how to handle them. Mocks are different for each program and depend on the job profile that the students are aspiring for. The mentor / faculty determine how often such mocks are carried out based on the student’s performance.

Tutoring Opportunities

The ‘learning by teaching’ method is something that JLI faculty members have always believed in and successfully implemented on a regular basis. JLI allows for various tutoring opportunities to students who perform well in their program and have some work experience in that area. Students participating in tutoring activities are certified for this additional activity.

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