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Advanced Certificate in Clinical Research for Physicians
- ACCRP (Clinical Research Site Set-up Course)

Principal Investigator Training in Singapore | Clinical Research Investigator Training | Clinical Trial

Principal Investigator Training in Singapore| Clinical Research Investigator Training | Clinical Trial

There is a notable increase in the worth of the global market for clinical trials, which was worth $50 billion in 2008, and has been growing by 10% each year since then. Singapore has shown great promise in this field since early 1980's and today it has emerged as one the outsourcing hubs in the Asia Pacific region. There are many factors, which have led to the outsourcing clinical studies to Singapore and to the emerging markets such as India and China. For Singapore, most notably we can observe world-class infrastructure, availability of highly qualified English speaking physicians and staff, transparent government policies and stable economy.

Section 2 of the Singapore Medicines Act mandates that clinical studies must be conducted by a Singapore registered doctor or dentist. Further, the Section 4.1.1 of the Singapore Good Clinical Practice Guidelines states that the Investigator should be qualified by education, training and experience to conduct the clinical trial.

It is recommended that the Principal Investigator (PI) should at minimum be an Associate Consultant (AC) or above. This is due to the fact that clinical studies in specialized therapeutic areas commonly require sophisticated diagnostic evaluation of the disease condition, and involve complex procedures. Well qualified ACs and above are considered to possess sufficient training and experience to conduct such clinical trials as per applicable standards, as well as manage unexpected adverse events resulting from the conduct of the clinical trial. For clinical trials of products already available in the market, a general practitioner may act as a Principal Investigator as well.

Even though the number of ACs in Singapore are quite high, only few have truly developed the knowledge and skills in order to gain access to the clinical research industry. There are many rewards to be expected for becoming a clinical investigator / PI. Not only is the financial reward for doing work in the field substantial, but the work also provides great recognition in the scientific community. Because clinical trials are usually a global initiative, most professionals will get to travel all across the world and meet other professionals such as themselves. Having manuscripts published on different topics is considered a great reward for clinical investigators as well.

The James Lind Institute offers a specialized program, which helps and trains practicing physicians to develop into clinical research investigators / Principal Investigators. The main objective of the program is to equip the doctors with all the knowledge required to enter the clinical research field and if required, to help them build a clinical research unit at their own site of practice.

We offer facilitation for all JLI certified clinical research investigators, for joining different Site Management Organizations and investigator networks. The whole program is carried out online, using our advanced learning management system.

program curriculum

Program Duration

The program is self paced and takes an average of four months to complete. Study times are flexible. After completion of four months of core training, if required, additional two months of investigator site set-up support is provided.
Individuals enrolled in this program are expected to study online for approximately ten hours per week.

Program assessment is done via online Multiple Choice Question tests for each lesson taught via the learning management system.

The minimum eligibility criteria for the course would include either of the following:


Program Fee

JLI has been globally acknowledged for its determination to provide economical yet high quality training programs to aspirants. You may use our Online Program Fee Calculator below to determine the tuition fee applicable to you for the current academic year.

Should your country not be available in the calculator or should you not be able to figure out the tuition fee that applies to you for this online training program please send an email enquiry to or contact the online chat support available on this website.

To know more regarding the application procedure please click here.

Program Support

Each participant enrolled in ACCRP is in close contact with a mentor throughout the program. The mentor is an industry expert working in a senior leadership position. The mentor can be approached at any time via email or phone. Participants can also communicate with peers and faculty via their study accounts to discuss any topic or question.

Upon completion of the program students are provided placement guidance and support for career development via the “Student Success Team (SST)”. To know more about the SST, please click here.

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