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You never cease to learn with JLI. Even as an alumni we keep you well informed of the latest breakthroughs in your field via the “Students Success Team”. The SST sends out email communications on a periodic basis about the latest advances, policy changes and all the dynamics of the industry to help you stay informed.

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Is Online Learning for Me?

Can I Study Clinical Research or Healthcare Courses Online?

  Can I Study Clinical Research or Healthcare Courses Online?

The self-paced nature of our online programs allows for great flexibility in learning schedules and allows you to earn your qualifications in a way that fully respects your way of life. This is a great opportunity for you to manage everything else besides education on your own accord.

Online learning will be ideal for you if:

  • You are fully capable of managing both your time and duties.
  • You are at ease when using the internet. By this we mean that you have the basic skills of using internet such as surfing the web or sending emails.
  • You have the ability to learn properly outside of a classroom setting.
  • You have the time to log into your study account and complete assignments a few times a week.
  • You like complete flexibility and the ability to complete your lessons any time of the week.
  • You are a person who likes interactive programs and to interact with students from other countries and nationalities.
  • You are a full time student and wish to obtain additional qualification alongside your full time program.
  • You are already a working professional but you want to obtain additional qualification or professional certification.
  • You are already a working professional but you want to change your job profile without quitting your current position.
  • If you believe any of these relate to you, you should not hesitate to enroll at the James Lind Institute. Please contact our admissions staff if you are unsure about anything. Our professional career counselors will help you choose the right program and provide basic career guidance.

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