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You never stop learning and JLI keeps you on top of the latest advances in your field through the “Students Success Team” even after you complete your course. The SST sends you regular information about the latest advances, policy changes and all the dynamics of the Industry as a part of our committed effort towards career development of students and alumni.

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Online Learning FAQ

What exactly is an online program? Is it the same as a distance learning program?

An online program is the next level distance learning program as traditional distance learning programs are fast becoming obsolete. In an online program the student is not required to come physically to a campus or a classroom regularly however he/she can still interact with faculty and fellow students. Students study via interactive online study material through internet at their own pace guided by their mentor/faculty at all times. All tests are also conducted online.

What type of Internet connection do I require?

Any dial-up connection will suffice for online study however we recommend to use a broadband connection of about 512 kbps.

What are the computer requirements for JLI courses?

Basic computer hardware, software and an internet connection are primary requirements. Please see detailed requirements here.

Is it difficult to learn how to use the online learning platform?

No, it is not difficult at all. Using our online learning platform is as easy as using email, surfing the internet or using any basic software course. New students are provided with an orientation session before the start of their actual academic course in order to help them learn navigation of the online course.

How do I receive and submit assignments?

All assignments to be completed will be posted in the user area when you log in. To submit assignments, simply upload it in the applicable section of your user area.

How do I interact with my mentor and peers?

One of the most amazing features that JLI offers you is that you can not only interact with your mentor via email, telephone, chat and online learning tutoring centre but also schedule an appointment and meet in person should you think it is required. You can also interact with your peers at our Online Campus Tutoring Centre (OCTC).

Will I be missing the give- and- take of a conventional classroom setting?

JLI offers a highly personalized and interactive learning experience. You will not be missing out on any aspect of a conventional classroom setting. In fact, it is possible that you will find training at JLI more interactive and engaging than your previous experience of a classroom setting. You will be interacting very frequently with your mentors, tutors, counsellors, course administrators etc via your online study portal, email, telephone or chat. You will also be interacting with them at your course specific Online Campus Tutoring Centre (OCTC). You can also have an opportunity to meet your mentor or tutor in person, whenever required and feasible.

What time are lectures held?

There is no set timing for classes. You can log in and study at any time as per your convenience.

How long will my course take to complete?

It usually takes 6-10 months to complete a post graduate diploma from JLI. This will depend upon the course you are enrolled in and on your individual learning capability.

How will I know which lectures to take?

Based on your chosen course of study, the course modules that you are supposed to complete will automatically appear in your student area when you log in.

How and when do I enroll in the online course?

JLI accepts new students each month. Please contact our admissions representatives and they will guide you through the admission process. Our admissions representatives can be contacted at / +91-40-42023318/19

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