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Advanced Postgraduate Diploma in Pharmacovigilance &
Regulatory Affairs

Pharmacovigilance Training in Singapore | Regulatory Affairs Training in Singapore

Pharmacovigilance Training in Singapore | Regulatory Affairs Training in Singapore

Pharmacovigilance can be defined as a scientific field that deals with determining, verifying, quantifying, analyzing and eliminating ill effects of various medical drugs, devices and biologicals. This is done to improve their safety. Pharmacovigilance can easily be viewed as an anchor of new drugs and devices throughout their life cycle, since the demand for new medical treatments and their legislation is constantly growing.

Since there is a global financial drift, and a great promise from countries like India, Russia, China, Brazil, Singapore etc. the drug development industry is gradually transferring its R & D and pharmacovigilance activities to these regions, because they yield efficiency and cost savings. This has resulted in thousands of new jobs and career avenues for qualified personnel.

The area of regulatory affairs lies at the core of clinical research and pharmacovigilance. The teams working in regulatory affairs should be well-familiarized with all local and international regulations, which are relevant to research, marketing of drugs and so on. Their job is to help facilitate innovation the easiest way possible.
Today’s drug development landscape is known for great competition among the different pharmaceutical companies, and people who have formal training in regulatory affairs take the lead in various projects from a regulatory perspective, making sure that all studies answer to the call of regulatory compliance.

We at the James Lind Institute provide training, aimed at turning aspiring individuals into experienced professionals in the pharmacovigilance and regulatory affairs domain, by providing them with all the up-to-date knowledge necessary. The course is targeted towards providing students with all the practical knowledge and understanding of responsibilities in this field. The candidates accepted into the course are provided a global perspective of the regulatory landscape and acquire all skills required for regulatory strategic planning throughout the product life cycle.


program curriculum


program curriculum

Towards the end of the program mock exercises and role plays may be conducted for relevant topics that guide students about handling on-job situations commonly faced by pharmacovigilance & regulatory professionals.

Program duration

Self Paced 6 - 8 months (Maximum duration 24 months)

All individuals participating in the program Advanced Post Graduate Diploma in Pharmacovigilance & Regulatory Affairs (APGDP-RA) are required to invest about 15 hours every week in their online studies

Program Assessment

Participants are assessed via an ongoing evaluation approach by the faculty. There is no single final completion exam. Participants are assessed based on the following:

Completion of online Multiple Choice Question tests for every lesson studied and ongoing submission of project work for each module.

The minimum eligibility criteria for Advanced Post-Graduate Diploma in Pharmacovigilance & Regulatory Affairs would include either of the following:

  • Any degree in Bioscience/Life Sciences such as Biochemistry, Microbiology, Genetics, Biotechnology, Botany, Zoology etc

  • Any degree in Medicine such as MBBS, BDS, DDS, BPT, BAMS, BHMS,, BUMS etc

  • Any degree in Pharmacy / Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • Any degree in Chemistry / Biostatistics / Bioinformatics

  • Any degree in Nursing / Allied Health.

  • Students in their final year of graduation for the above courses may also apply.

  • If you do not possess the qualifications mentioned above you may still be eligible to apply based on any prior relevant work experience and upon recommendation of your line manager. Please contact our admission team / counsellor for more information.

Program Fee

JLI has been globally acknowledged for its determination to provide economical yet high quality training programs to aspirants. You may use our Online Program Fee Calculator below to determine the tuition fee applicable to you for the current academic year.

Should your country not be available in the calculator or should you not be able to figure out the tuition fee that applies to you for this online training program please send an email enquiry to or contact the online chat support available on this website.

To know more regarding the application procedure please click here.

Program Support

Each participant enrolled in APGDP-RA is in close contact with a mentor throughout the program. The mentor is an industry expert working in a senior leadership position. The mentor can be approached at any time via email or phone. Participants can also communicate with peers and faculty via their study accounts to discuss any topic or question.

Upon completion of the program students are provided placement guidance and support for career development via the “Student Success Team (SST)”. To know more about the SST, please click here.

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