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Training methodology adopted by JLI is in accordance with the “Conversational Model of Laurillard” and follows its unique criteria of adaptability, interactive discussions and multidirectional reflection of students performance.

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Placement Assistance

What is the Student Success Team (SST)?

The Student Success Team is a group of professionals in the industry, working closely with the James Lind Institute, who help our students achieve their goals through a problem-solving approach.

The Student Success Team combines the actions of the JLI academic staff, the student affairs department and industry professionals, which are relevant to the case, so that it can provide the best learning experience, according to the career aspirations of the students. The SST channels the efforts of students for successful job placement, and provides them with the proper understanding of prospective careers in the industry.

The “Student Success Team” at JLI is consists of

Chairperson :

Honorary Dean

Executive Secretary :

Vice-Dean Academic Affairs

Working Committee :

James Lind Faculty Members

Advisory Committee :

Relevant Industry Executives

Student Success Team Coordinator

JLI's Commitment to Your Success

JLI specializes in implementing real knowledge from around the globe, and improves acceptance rates for students in the industry. During the training process, and afterwards, the SST constantly guides you in your career development. The SST provides you training, which is relevant to job search techniques, networking strategies, and other skills, as well as providing you with a development strategy for your personality.

There is strong encouragement for our students to keep their profile page on the JLI website constantly updated, as it serves as a projected image for prospective employers and is a way for employers to get in touch with students. The SST constantly monitors student profiles and sends these weblinks directly to employers, or to human resource agencies.


JLI has faculty members located in different regions of the world such as the US, UK, Middle East, India etc. Many are skilled entrepreneurs as well as teachers, who have made their mark in the industry. Some have published books and offer consulting services to famous global companies. This of course makes the JLI a place where both talent and industry meet and work together in constructive efforts.

Ongoing Education

Even after the completion of your program at JLI, you will continue to learn, as the SST will constantly keep you up-to-date with the information on the latest advances, policy changes and industry modifications etc.

Contact Information

During the first week of enrollment, all students are introduced to the Student Success Team and will have a mentor assigned for all types of personal support. For any questions, you can always call our SST coordinator, or send an e-mail with your questions at

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