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JLI students get the opportunity of reading, listening to lectures, additional reference readings, exercises and assignments, as many times as they may need during the course to attain maximum understanding of the subject. This is substantiated by a prompt query resolution support by well learned faculty from the industry. This kind of personalized approach takes away the constraints of distractions, missed classes, fatigue and sometimes-unbearable ennui seen in regular classrooms.

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What Students Say:

What JLI Students Say:

james lind review“Being a student at JLI has rightly placed me on course to achieving my lifelong dream of becoming a clinical research professional. The very friendly format of the lectures and the almighty online campus tutoring centre (OCTC) are the two major engines of academic excellence in this institution. Even before completion, I had already received an offer to work at a CRO in my country Nigeria. I genuinely recommend this institution for any true clinical research aspirant.”

Dr. Shamsuddeen Sani, MBBS
Benefit Risk Physician
Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics
Siena, Italy

james lind institute review"I would recommend JLI to anyone who wishes to pursue any course in clinical research. JLI courses are very focused, self paced and interactive.

Since I joined the programme, I have found it very useful. It has been very comprehensive and thorough. The content and volume of the course is certainly above a diploma level. I feel the diploma course was extra ordinary and I have achieved my over all objectives with the course."

Dr. Inam Khan
MBBS(Pesh), MRCP(Ire), MRCP(Glasgow), Dip HSM(UK)
Registrar Department of Cardiology
Beaumont Hospital, Dublin, Ireland

james lind institute review"I am a pharmacist working with Tanzania Food and Drugs Authority, a regulatory body in the Ministry of Health in Tanzania. Current my carrier is clinical trials control and pharmacovigilance within the national drug regulatory body. I handle applications for conducting clinical trials in Tanzania as well as monitoring safety of registered medicines. I am proud to join JLI and pursue a course on Advanced Post-Graduate in Clinical Research and Medical Writing. It has enriched me with vast skills and knowledge, and I am now very confident when interacting with principle investigators, CROs and sponsors of clinical researches."

Henry Irunde
Head, Dept of Clinical Trials & Pharmacovigilance
Tanzania Food and Drugs Authority
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

james lind institute review"My experience is just fantastic. Even I am planning to do some more courses after this from JLI. JLI reinforced my convictions, and eliminates gaps in understanding. Since I always converse with medical fraternity and pharmaceutical productions colleagues, it gives me a confidence. Though my domain is operations and process excellence nonetheless, it’s very useful."

Mr. Aneek Gupta has about 20 years of pharmaceutical experience in domestic and international pharmaceutical industry.

Aneek Gupta, B.Sc, MBA
Incharge Bukavu DRC
Democratic Republic of Congo

james lind institute review"I can say that the modules that I have completed have been very well presented and informative."

John Tabar
Medical Services Manager
Nycomed Pty Ltd

james lind institute review"I thoroughly enjoy the pharma perspective that your course gives to academicians like me."

Dr. Sarita Prabhakaran, MBBS, MD
Research Assistant
Human Cancer Genomic Research Department
Translational Cancer Research lab
King Faisal Specialist Hospital
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

james lind institute review"I have no qualms in accepting that at first I didnt think that I will be taking home so much of learing from this course. However after I started studying I kind of got hooked to the study material, very innovative & informative."

Prem Sethi, B.Pharm
Hyderabad, India

james lind institute review"I'd like to thank my mentors and JLI for giving me this platform and learn about clinical research and its functions, which is a complete new course/subject to me. It also helped me to balance my regular studies apart from JLI. I am grateful to JLI for this extra feather in my cap in the field of education, and I am proud to be a part of this family called JLI."

Syndi Seles Sherratt, B.Sc Biotech
Hyderabad, India

james lind institute review"When I was not sure where to pursue clinical research course online, JLI was suggested by one of my friends, this has been my end of search for a good online course. The tutorials are self explanatory and well paced. The tests after each lesson added lot of boost and confidence in my learning. The help and support from JLI staff is prompt and very informative. Do not miss the opportunity of interacting with other students during the course through Online Campus Tutoring Center(OCTC).The collaborative learning is indeed effective. To conclude , JLI is one stop place for online clinical research course. I would strongly recommend this course for the students. It is a collaborative learning model and an opportunity to learn, share experience and knowledge with different people around the world. This course is definitely one of the best."

Ramya Mudireddy, B.Pharm
Hyderabad, India

james lind institute review"I am currently working as an Imaging Research Associate in one of the leading CRO’s in India, Parexel International Pvt Ltd. Getting into such a big company was like a dream come true for me which would never have happened without the support given by my mentors and directors of James Lind Global Research Academy. The course had a cutting edge curriculum which includes online learning management system along with teaching faculty. I thank entire James Lind Global Research Academy team for their cooperation and guidance in helping me to start a career in such a renowned company."

Sushmitha Matangi, B.Pharm
Imaging Research Associate, Parexel
Hyderabad, India

james lind institute review"Thank you for all the support and guidance offered by your institution. Its a pleasure and honor to be a student of James Lind Institute. The study sessions were organised and easy to understand. All thanks for the quick response to all the queries and emails."

Nuby Luke
Pune, India

james lind institute review"I am very happy to inform you my successful recruitment by Max Neeman International, after going through regular hiring process. I'm very grateful to everybody at JLI who provided all the necessary support. The present position is an important step for me as I entered the challenging field of clinical research immediately after my course completion.

The clinical research course offered at JLI is highly comprehensive and provides excellent knowledge of various areas wherein you could shape a career in the ever-growing world of research.

I would take this opportunity to thank the faculty who delivered us not only knowledge, but also gave us professional advice, suggestions, and orientation. Anyone who is looking to receive an in-depth and extensive knowledge of clinical research as well as some practical, real-life experience will definitely find that in programs conducted by JLI."

Dr. Kalpana Peyyeti, BAMS
Clinical Research Coordinator, Max Neeman International
Hyderabad, India

james lind institute review"Its a really a good experience with this online course. I am lucky to pursue this combined course in clinical research and pharmacovigilance via online mode. As I did not want a full time course, this online course is really good for me. So far, I had done few assignments, but I am enjoying the study. The way of learning is extremely good, slide presentations, additional readings, videos and octc etc. OCTC is very helpful as one can easily solve all their doubts from home. Project and test pattern are good too. My overall experience is really good here. And thanks to professors for solving the queries on time. The journey is smooth till now and I am enjoying."

Ms. Tulshi Vasant, B.Pharm
Gujarat, India

james lind institute review"I am vehement of the fact that the study material provided by JLI has been really helpful to me in understanding the various technicalities of the course and also the modules designed were easy and understandable. The learning skills and target oriented techniques of the course has helped me work on the professional aspects of clinical research including the prelude of pharmacovigilance which has moved me to an advanced stage of knowledge synthesis. The study materials have also based several illustrations to make concepts clear and interactive to the readers."

Dr. Ashalatha K., BDS
Hospital & Healthcare Professional
Mangalore, India

james lind institute review"Your classes were wonderful. You are so thorough with the concepts and have an in-depth knowledge of the application. That makes you an excellent mentor. You were very considerate about our issues and took action immediately to help us, specially by enabling us to access the Oracle pharmaceutical apps link at almost all times."

Dr. Veena Chandra, BPT, MBA
Healthcare Professional
Mysore, India

james lind institute review"Thanks for taking us all through the entire OPA sessions. It was a wonderful learning experience for me to learn Oracle Clinical through an online class. I appreciate your patience and understanding in clearing everyone's doubt throughout the entire sessions. All the sessions were well organized from your side. I also thank you for taking all the sessions in a simplified manner to everyone's level of understanding."

Bala Murali
Asst. Team Lead
Point Perfect Transcription Services
Coimbatore, India

james lind institute review"All the sessions were very interesting and impressive. Thank you so much for your inputs, ideas, suggestions, helping everyone & making us understand the subject matter & its importance."

Chandrakriti Singh Maisnam
Senior Clinical Data Analyst & Quality Auditor
Point Perfect Transcription Services
Coimbatore, India

james lind institute review"Thank you for the support and to the James Lind Institute. This institute gave me lot of support to my career for which am thankful to the team."

Dr. Sudarshan Ramachandran, MDS
Chennai, India

james lind institute review"It was my privilege to do the course in clinical research & pharmacovigilance. It has significantly helped me to gain much more information and understanding regarding the pharma industry."

Dr. Md. Iftakhar, MBBS, MD
Dept of Pharmacology, KMCT Medical College
Mukkam, India

james lind institute review"I am glad to say that JLI extended to me a wider concept on clinical research and pharmacovigilance. I am very thankful to all of you for showing me a right path to succeed. I am now working with a reputed Pharmacovigilance company called Synowledge located in Mysore."

Gouthami. B, M. Pharm
Drug Safety Associate
Synowledge, Mysore

"Before joining the course I had personally visited the office and the staff was very helpful. The topics covered in the course were vast and good. They provide theoretical knowledge via virtual class room and practical knowledge by assigning a project work at the end of each module. To summarize JLI helps in overall development of a person who wants a career in clinical knowledge. The concept of virtual classroom is very innovative and helpful. The approach to the professors via OCTC is very helpful and I have observed that the professors promptly and patiently answer the queries of the students."

Dr. P. Sudha, BAMS
Medical Writer
MakroCare, Hyderabad

"It was a great experience during the course. The lessons were easy to follow and were written in easy language. I hope the knowledge I acquired will be helpful to me in future."

Dr. Anjali Agarwal, BDS
Dehradun, India

"All the sessions taken by you were wonderful. I really enjoyed all your classes, all the concepts were taught clearly and I would like to thank you personally for teaching us and spending your time."

Abdullah Ansari
Maintenance Engineer
Samama Group of Companies
Makkah, Saudi Arabia

"I enjoy being a student at JLI. The audio video lectures, online tests, discussion portals and prompt support make JLI a great choice for online learning"

Henry De’souza, MD
Mexico City, Mexico

"Becoming a Research Professional has always been my aspiration and I am very happy to associate with James Lind Institute. I get the flexibility to log in at any time to study and to discuss any topics with fellow students and faculty."

Vladimir Stalin, M.Pharm
Budapest, Hungary

What Academic Advisors Say:

james lind institute review"The James Lind Institute provides for excellent educational courses for clinical investigators and aspiring clinical research professionals linked to drug development. The emerging countries need those training courses to increase our ability to develop our own products, or to collaborate in global clinical trials. At Santa Casa Medical School (Sao Paulo - Brazil) we hope to develop future collaboration with James Lind Institute to enhance our post-graduation course in clinical research."

Dr. Charles Schmidt MD, PhD
University of Sao Paulo
Sao Paulo, Brazil

james lind institute review"I strongly believe in online education, and for clinical research management courses it is most appropriate. Online learning demands a high level of discipline, and most importantly time budgeting skills. These attitudes are highly valued in all industries. Clinical research courses at James Lind Institute are par excellence in terms of academic content, learning platform, and support"

Dr. Farzana Lakdawala, MDS
Senior Medical Advisor - Clinical Research

james lind institute review"Clinical research industry is growing at a rapid pace in India with an increasing investigator base and a developed regulatory infrastructure. James Lind Institute will surely benefit students who want to make a career in clinical research. The courses are delivered through an effective online portal and are conceptually designed to meet the needs of the clinical research industry."

Dr. Sujit Arun Chandratreya MD, DM, DNB (Endocrinology)
Senior Clinical Research Investigator

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